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Sylentis, a PharmaMar Group company, appoints Andreas Segerros as Chief Executive Officer

Sylentis, a wholly owned subsidiary of PharmaMar (MSE:PHM), has appointed Andreas Segerros as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This new appointment aims to redirect Sylentis’ strategic direction with an independent management from PharmarMar. Andreas brings a wealth of leadership experience in the pharmaceutical industry and venture capital. He has held numerous high-profile positions globally, with a […]

Sylentis, a PharmaMar Group Company, to present new data at ARVO 2023

Sylentis, a PharmaMar Group Company (MSE:PHM), has announced today that it is presenting at ARVO 2023 advances on two of its ophthalmic studies based on RNA interference (RNAi) technology: Tivanisiran, for Dry Eye Disease (DED); and SYL1801, for retinal diseases such as Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). The Company is also displaying a poster with non-clinical […]

FDA authorizes Sylentis (PharmaMar Group) to initiate Phase III trial with tivanisiran for the treatment of dry eye disease

This Phase III study, called SYL1001_V, will involve more than 30 hospitals in the United States. It will evaluate the efficacy and safety of tivanisiran ophthalmic solution on the signs and symptoms of patients with dry eye disease associated with Sjögren’s Syndrome. The study has been approved by the FDA in 30 days and will […]

Sylentis (PharmaMar Group) at ARVO 2019 with results from two ophthalmic drugs: tivanisirán and SYL1801

The company will present results of the HELIX clinical trial with tivanisirán for the treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome, in which an improvement in central corneal damage and results in patients with Sjögren’s Syndrome are demonstrated. Sylentis will also present data from the development of SYL1801 for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the […]

Sylentis announces results of Phase 3 HELIX trial with tivanisiran for the treatment of Dry Eye Disease

The HELIX trial has shown improvement (p=0.035) in the reduction of central corneal staining Data will be presented to the FDA and other regulatory authorities during the second quarter of 2019 to define the regulatory strategy The results of the HELIX trial will be presented at the Annual Congress of the Association for Research in […]

Sylentis, PharmaMar Group, announces the end of patient recruitment for its HELIX trial

Sylentis has reached the target of recruiting patients for its Phase III trial “HELIX” for the treatment of the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. We estimate that the results of the trial will be available in the first four months of 2019.   Madrid, October 19th, 2018.- Sylentis, PharmaMar Group (MSE:PHM), has announced […]

The World Health Organization selects tivanisiran as the International Nonproprietary Name for SYL1001

Tivanisiran is under investigation in a Phase III clinical trial, HELIX, in more than 30 European hospitals and 300 patients to determine its efficacy in dry eye syndrome   Madrid, October 19th, 2017.- Sylentis, a Pharmaceutical Company of PharmaMar Group (PHM:MSE), pioneer in the development of new compounds based on genetic silencing technology through RNA […]

Sylentis sponsors the 11th OTS’s Annual Meeting

Sylentis sponsors the 11th Annual meeting of the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society (OTS). The meeting will be held in Leiden (The Netherlands) 11-14th October, 2015. Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society is an open, nonprofit forum to foster academia and industry-based research and development of oligonucleotide therapeutics. You can find more information about this event on the following webpage:

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Grants InterfeRx(TM) Intellectual Property License to Sylentis for Development and Commercialization of RNAi Therapeutics

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. & MADRID–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 16, 2011— Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq: ALNY), a leading RNAi therapeutics company, and Sylentis, S.A., a Spanish bio-pharmaceutical company devoted to the research and development of new therapies based on RNAi, announced today that Alnylam has granted Sylentis a non-exclusive option for a new target-specific InterfeRx™ license. This license would […]

Sylentis, a pioneer in RNAi technology, obtains authorisation as research drug manufacturing laboratory

Sylentis, a biopharmaceutical company in Grupo Zeltia (MC:ZEL) which is a pioneer in the research and development of new drugs based on gene silencing (interference RNA: RNAi) and one of the four companies in the world with RNAi-based products undergoing clinical trials, has been authorised as a pharmaceutical laboratory to manufacture research drugs by the […]

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