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SirFinder: AI and algorithms in the service of health care

SirFinder™ is a software that designs siRNAs rationally, using mathematical and artificial intelligence AI, neural network-based algorithms, SVM and machine learning to collect, debug and reinterpret the generated experimental data.

This enables Sylentis to rapidly develop and enhance drugs because the software enables it to generate thousands of specific compounds and to treat a given pathology. Sylentis thus reduces costly and time-consuming candidate screening work, which often takes several years, to just weeks.


SirFinder™ allows the design of siRNAs for any species and has a high predictive capacity to generate specific and safe siRNA molecules without affecting other genes, with a high probability of moving to clinical development phases, ensuring candidates that are also feasible for development and production.

How it

It considers critical requirements from the structural and functional point of view, but also relevant to downstream production processes, as well as regulatory. It also has a structure that allows the collection of new experimental data that arevfed back to the system to improve its algorithms through relearning strategies.

SirFinder™ makes a significant contribution to narrowing the gap that typically exists in traditional drug development. This strategy facilitates entry into clinical phases and increases the probability of success to reach the later stages of clinical development.

360º in silico design of siRNA